About Us

Puerto Galera Online Services is a single-proprietorship business registered with the DTI and licensed to operate in the Municipality of Puerto Galera.  It is an affiliate business of ELL Printing Press and PGOL Enterprises which was established in 1991 and 1999 respectively.

Puerto Galera Online Services and its affiliates had published the most authoritative literatures about Puerto Galera which includes the following publications:

  1. Puerto Galera Fortnightly Journal
  2. Mindoro-Puerto Galera Tourist Map
  3. Puerto Galera Business Directory
  4. Puerto Galera Travel Magazine

Why book with us?

  1. We are based in Puerto Galera.
  2. We do not overprice.
  3. Resorts pay for commissions and advertising spots to keep this service alive.
  4. Book with us and you get:
  • Lowest room rates.
  • Lowest reservation fees.
  • Convenience of booking a room online.
  • Getting timely updated information.
  • Assistance in your travel/tour needs.
  • Assistance in packaging your Puerto Galera vacation.