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Booking a Room

How to Book a Room / Make a Reservation?

  1. Pick the Resort/ Hotel/ Lodging House of your choice from OUR LIST.
  2. Decide on the DATE of your vacation.
    1. Completely FILL-UP the ONLINE BOOKING FORM.  Make sure you correctly type your email address.
    2. You will receive a reply within 12 hours informing you of the availability of the room or package.
    3. If the room or the package is available on chosen date, you will need to pay the RESERVATION FEE, amounting from 30% to 50% of the TOTAL AMOUNT to CONFIRM YOUR RESERVATION.  The RESERVATION FEE serves as a DEPOSIT which will be deducted from the total to be paid at the Resort/ Hotel/ Lodging House upon check-in.
    4. Payment of the RESERVATION FEE must be made before we CONFIRM YOUR RESERVATION.
    5. We accept payment of the RESERVATION FEE through BANK TRANSFER or CREDIT CARD via PayPal.
    6. If payment was made through BANK TRANSFER email the image of the DEPOSIT SLIP to or FAX it to 043-2873101.
    7. Along with the image of the DEPOSIT SLIP, please provide the following information: YOUR NAME, YOUR CONTACT NUMBER, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, NAME OF RESORT, CHECK-IN/ CHECK-OUT DATE. See sample below:
    8. Upon receipt of the PROOF OF PAYMENT (Deposit Slip or PayPal Notification), we will send you the RESORT/PACKAGE CONFIRMATION VOUCHER.
    9. For us to be able to fetch you at the docking area in Puerto Galera, we need to know your Time of Arrival and the Name of the Ferry that you took or will be taking.  In case, you do not have a cellphone, please contact any of our staff at the ticket booth of FSL Ferry or MSL Ferry at the Batangas Port Passenger Terminal.  If you have a telephone, please provide the needed information to us at  0917-7771418 (Globe).

Featured Establishments

@ White Beach, Puerto Galera:

alt alt alt alt
White Beach Lodge VM Beach Resort La Solana Suites Hollywood Resort
alt alt alt alt
Blue Water Lodge Villa Del Car Agbing Resort Marco Vincent
alt alt alt alt
White Beach Resort Sea Jewel Resort Lan-Sei Resort Dreamwave Hotel

@ Sabang, La Laguna Beach and Coco Beach

alt alt alt alt
Coco Beach Resort Tropicana Castle Mermaid Hotel Garden of Eden
alt alt alt alt
Seashore Lodge Sabang Hill Capt'n Gregg's Resort Angelyn's Resort
alt alt alt alt
Steps & Garden El Galleon Jeremy's Lodge La Laguna Villas
alt alt alt
La Laguna Beach Club Big Lalaguna Resort Scandinavian Resort Campbell Resort

@ Other Locations in Puerto Galera

alt alt alt alt
Sunset at Aninuan Puerto Galera Hostel Puerto Nirvana Resort Punta Del Este